• Kindergarten Supplies
    * Change of clothes in a gallon Ziploc bag
    * Box of Kleenex
    * Towel for resting (NO blankets mats)
    * Book Bag - large enough to hold a 3 ring binder and a library book
    * 2 pencils
    * 1 pair of "Fiskar" scissors
    * Small box of crayons (Crayola, preferably)
    * 4 Glue Sticks
    * Eraser (big, fat, pink!)
    *  Box of colored pencils
    * Small box of magic markers
    Wish List
    Things we need throughout the year:

    sandwich, quart & gallon Ziploc bags

    paper plates (6" and 12") 
    brown and white lunch bags  yarn
    stickers  glitter glue
    crepe paper glue sticks

    antibacterial soap (squirt kind)

    Germ Buster


    small boxes of colored pencils

    dry erase markerssmall prizes for the prize box

     Our school also collects General Mills Box Tops.  Please begin saving them for us and turn them in when your child starts school in August!
Last Modified on July 26, 2018